Computer Repair Chandler AZ

Hello all of you Sun Lakes people out there.  Do you have a friend or someone else who lives in the chandler area.  Instead of driving to Sun Lakes to get you computer repaired you can find a good computer repair store in chandler itself.  Find one that fixed broken hard drives and can upgrade RAM.  Some other services that can be done include mother board or power supply replacement, CPU upgrade.  For onsite work they should also perform services like computer repair chandler az cisco router configurations, switch configurations, network troubleshooting and installations.

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server 2008 backup running out of space

I recently had a customer whose backup drive was full with windows server 2008 SBS server.  I checked and the VHD file was under half of total space.  I ran a CHKDSK and could not find he problem.  Finally I checked the shadow copy and set the limit lower to get it to work.  Here are the steps.

1.  Right click on the drive and go to properties


2.  Click on Shadow Copies Then Settings.



3.  Change the Use Limit to something smaller.  I went to the minimum and it freed up the space.






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Benefits of multiple browsers

There are many benefits to having multiple browsers.  The most apparent is that  when you have more than one browser  when on does not work you can try another one.  This way you can troubleshoot websites. Other browsers do not always display things correctly.  For instance many DVRs do not play on anything but IE.

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How to check an internet connection

Have you ever not been able to connect to the internet.  It is frustrating I bet.  Almost our entire lives are centered around the itnernet these days and it can be frustrating when it goes down. Sure we have cell phones now adays but it can be very frustrating to not have internet access when we really need it.

Here are some steps to check you internet connection.

  1. Try to open a web browser
  2. if one does not work try a different one
  3. go to start ->run->cmd  ping or some other public ip
  4. type ipconfig and try and ping you gateway
  5. call you ISP
  6. call a good computer store in mesa az
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Setup pbr on a cisco router

Setting up PBR on a cisco router is easy.  The other day I had a customer with a cisco router with one port that needed two internet connections.  Since I could only use one port I set up PBR with a basic router to do the rest.  They also had a VPN to another location and and extranet to connect to.  Here are the IP addresses. – Extranet router – cisco router which I will give the config for other router -cisco router with vpn

setup the ACL

!— exclude the .1 router other wise the VPN traffice could not get to the extraent

access-list 117 deny ip host

access-list 117 permit ip any

!—config route map

route-map use-other-isp permit 10

  match ip address 117

   set ip defauly-next-hop


!— aplly to interface

interface vlan 1

ip policy route-map




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Mesa laptop repair Mesa AZ

Laptops are interesting things.  They are portable comptures that we can take everywhere.  If we are bored we use the DVD player to watch movies.  Many people take weird pictures with their webcam for fun.  Laptop repair mesa can be tricky sometimes as people use their laptops for so many things.  Some people put tape over the webcam so that no one can spy on them.  Other people use the webcam for skype or other internet phone calls.  Laptops are used for all sorts of different things.  Sometimes for work other times for play.  Regardless of what you use yours for find a good mesa laptop repair company to get yours fixed.

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Computer Repair Mesa az

Just the other day I was at a customer.  He moved to a new building and needed to get all of his computers hooked up he was without internet for many days and was anxious to get back to work.  I promptly assesed the situation and made recommendations.  I went back to my shop and picked up the parts needed.  When I returned he had some network cables that he had found and I used those.  In less than two hours all of his computers were up and running adn hew was happy that he could get back online.  This is the type of service that you should expect from a good computer repair Mesa store.

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