Setup pbr on a cisco router

Setting up PBR on a cisco router is easy.  The other day I had a customer with a cisco router with one port that needed two internet connections.  Since I could only use one port I set up PBR with a basic router to do the rest.  They also had a VPN to another location and and extranet to connect to.  Here are the IP addresses. – Extranet router – cisco router which I will give the config for other router -cisco router with vpn

setup the ACL

!— exclude the .1 router other wise the VPN traffice could not get to the extraent

access-list 117 deny ip host

access-list 117 permit ip any

!—config route map

route-map use-other-isp permit 10

  match ip address 117

   set ip defauly-next-hop


!— aplly to interface

interface vlan 1

ip policy route-map




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